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What is Brand Purpose?

A great example of brand purpose is Dove. Dove is a company that manufactures soap products. It is now one of the top soap brands in the world.

However, Dove isn’t just about selling soap. Sure, that’s how they make their money, but their purpose is much higher than that. Dove’s mission is to increase the self-esteem of women. They desire to redefine the definition of beauty so that women of all ages can feel better about themselves.

Their “Campaign For Beauty” was created in order to combat self-esteem issues in women that result from a poor self image. Through this campaign, Dove seeks to change the lives of women all over the world.

The reason Dove has been so successful is because they have a distinct purpose that resonates with its audience. See the difference? As an entrepreneur, this is what you will need to do with your company if you want connect with your audience.

When asked why an entrepreneur should focus on the purpose of their brand, he said:

“Purpose lifts an entrepreneur out of just thinking about themselves and their ideas. It gives them a wider context which inspires more lateral thinking. It motivates others to join in the pursuit of that purpose.”

It’s clear that there are several important ways that a purposeful brand can greatly benefit your entrepreneurial efforts. It gives yourself and your employees something to believe in. More importantly, it gives your customers something to believe in. In your company, they now have a cause that they can support.

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