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Use Social Media To Tell Your Brand Story

What Is Your Brand Story?

Despite the word “story,” a brand story is not a linear narrative. It isn’t even confined to the written word. It is an amalgam of your brand’s existence; it’s your essence.

Your brand story is:

Who you are: How your company came to exist, as well as your vision, mission, values, and culture.

What you do: The product or service you provide.

Who you do it for: The people you want to help.

Why you do it: Your larger goal; not just what product/service you provide but how that benefits your customer (e.g., your app helps book vacations so that your customer can truly relax).

How you do it: Visibility into your product, production, or process.

Where you are headed: How you are evolving and working to create the best product/service for your customers.

So now that you know everything about a BRAND STORY. Use Social Media to tell your story and if you still are unsure have one of our RED MEDIA Brand Managers do it for you!






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